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The Ultimate Startup Bundle Review 2016 – Too Good To Be True?



Full_Bundle_ASo you’ve heard about these Ultimate Bundle things; they sound like a great deal, BUT they also sound fishy. Why is everyone trying so hard to “sell” them? Are they too good to be true? Are they worth it? Is it a scam?

I’ve been following these Ultimate Bundles for a couple years now and I think I’m the only blogger out there who spends time breaking the bundles down so you can decide if it’s really worth it for you to buy or not. (see my other UB Reviews here: Homemaking ’16, Healthy Living ’15, Homemaking ’15, and DIY ’15)


Rocksbox Review & Coupon Code – You Can Borrow Hip Jewelry For Free! (well, sort of)

IMG_5355 (952x1024)_edit

I don’t talk about this much on the blog, but last school year was my first time NOT to have a full time job. Sure, I worked in the evenings tutoring math online, and I sold the coolest kids’ books ever (Usborne books are the bees knees!) here and there, and I worked on my blog for a few extra bucks, and I wrote and continued revising a script with my husband  – but other than ALL THAT, I’ve mostly been a “Stay At Home Mom” for the past year. (I feel too busy to be what I thought a SAHM was supposed to be like though, but whatever. I digress…)

Point being. I don’t get out much. I don’t dress very cool. 


ThredUp Review w/Pictures; What I Kept & What I Returned


You know how all the cool blogs talk about their fashion boxes like StitchFix and Golden Tote? I love the idea of these services, but my normally-frugal self gets all hyperventilated at the idea of spending big bucks money on clothing, ha ha. I just can’t do it. I mean, y’all – I made my own wedding dress. With fabric and notions, it was um, not even $100. 

So me and clothes = frugal. 


SQT 7/29/16: The Love Your Spouse Challenge Re-Cap


Am I really writing a Seven Quick Takes? Um, for real. I am. It’s only been what, 10.5 months since my last one? Whatever. I need a jumpstart to break this writer’s block. So here we go! (See here for this week’s Seven Quick Takes link-up over at the blog This Ain’t The Lyceum

I’m sure you’ve all seen the “Love Your Spouse Challenge” thing going around facebook. If not, it’s a thing where people post a picture of their spouse and them together everyday for a week and then tag other people. While I don’t normally like to participate in these types of facebook-chain stuff, considering that I’m especially all about marriage encouragement, I decided to participate. 


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