Cool Things: Potty Training Products I Like


CoolThings_PottyTraining_sqSince apparently dabbling into the metaphysics of time is not a fave of my readers (or, if you DID enjoy that post, please tell me! I want to know more of what to write about!), and because the last couple days of my life have been spent glamorously talking up bodily functions to my toddler, I decided to post another Cool Things post. This time about, oh, only the biggest thing on my mind lately: potty training products. 

But first, by the way, do you follow me on facebook, twitter, or instagram? Cause if you do, then yeah, you know I haven’t shut up about potty training there. I know. I’m sorry. But thanks for humoring me and following along still. 


Cool Things: 5 Literally Cool Things I Like


CoolThings_CoolThings2Hello all! I decided to start a new, probably inconsistent, blog feature called “Cool Things” about things – anything, products, links, places, something I learned – that I like and want to tell someone else about. 

Because what fun it is having a blog if you don’t get to tell people what you think in it, right? 🙂


Why Do I (do I?) Really Care About Trending Topics?


CareAboutTrendingTopics_sqFacebook. I’ve had a hard time with it recently. This is nothing new. An issue that’s been going on for years for me, and one that I’m sure others share as well.

A few years back, I actually succeeded in stopping my facebook habit and hardly checked it. But then I started this blog, and figured I should have an online presence and plus I missed hearing about friend’s important life updates. So I went back. And once again got addicted. The past 2.5 years or so have been a back and forth love and hate relationship. I hate the powerlessness I feel to its influence, yet I value the online relationships and connections I’ve been able to make through it.


5 (Really Awesome) FREE Algebra 1 Powerpoints


Free Algebra 1 PowerpointsI’m someone who dreams big. I often start new projects with grand intentions of having time to follow them through. Except, reality happens. And then I don’t. I want to do waaaay more in life than I ever can and it’s been a rough acceptance that I can only do so much with whatever little life I’m lucky enough to be granted. 

One grand idea of mine was to create an online Algebra course (I’m a math teacher by trade), put it up on Udemy, and bring in passive income. Except, it never fully realized. I ran out of time and passion.


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