Cool Things: Literally Cool Things I Like


CoolThings_CoolThings2Hello all! I decided to start a new, probably inconsistent, blog feature called “Cool Things” about things – anything, products, links, places, something I learned – that I like and want to tell someone else about. 

Because what fun it is having a blog if you don’t get to tell people what you think in it, right? 🙂


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Why Do I (do I?) Really Care About Trending Topics?


CareAboutTrendingTopics_sqFacebook. I’ve had a hard time with it recently. This is nothing new. An issue that’s been going on for years for me, and one that I’m sure others share as well.

A few years back, I actually succeeded in stopping my facebook habit and hardly checked it. But then I started this blog, and figured I should have an online presence and plus I missed hearing about friend’s important life updates. So I went back. And once again got addicted. The past 2.5 years or so have been a back and forth love and hate relationship. I hate the powerlessness I feel to its influence, yet I value the online relationships and connections I’ve been able to make through it.


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5 (Really Awesome) FREE Algebra 1 Powerpoints


Free Algebra 1 PowerpointsI’m someone who dreams big. I often start new projects with grand intentions of having time to follow them through. Except, reality happens. And then I don’t. I want to do waaaay more in life than I ever can and it’s been a rough acceptance that I can only do so much with whatever little life I’m lucky enough to be granted. 

One grand idea of mine was to create an online Algebra course (I’m a math teacher by trade), put it up on Udemy, and bring in passive income. Except, it never fully realized. I ran out of time and passion.


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Crated With Love Review April 2016: Tea For Two (& 25% off promo code!)

CratedWithLove Review_0416

Crated With Love ReviewCrated With Love is a bit different than the other date night boxes I’ve reviewed in that it’s not really meant to comprise an entire date night. It’s meant to be done as shorter shared moments together. It also has the lowest price point of any of the other date night subscription boxes. I hope you enjoy our Crated With Love review!

(Disclaimer: I was given a free box to review, but I was not paid to write this. This review is entirely my (and KP’s) own opinion. I’m reviewing this because I think date night subscription boxes are cool and that making time to sill date your spouse is an important thing that I want to share with others.)


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