Hi all! I’m Ronni – I grew up (as the oldest of 6 daughters) in suburban/rural smaller town Texas. After graduating from a small conservative Christian college in the middle of the Bible Belt, I decided to – why not? – move out to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry so I could better understand the world.

Growing up in a community very different than the one I live in now has allowed me to understand society from a unique, middle-of-the-road perspective. I love learning about how people think and feel and believe on this grand journey of life!

Anyways. (I ramble a lot, you might wanna get used to it.) So I moved to Los Angeles– In the early years I worked traveling on production of reality tv shows. But traveling became harder when I found myself falling in love with a guy named KP – and, in total opposite of everyone else our age we knew in L.A. – we got married “super young” at 24/25. 

Fast forward a dozen years and three kids later and here we are.

Last moments at our previous, infamous, “700 sq. ft, Family of 5“, house. Eight years of our life were spent there. All of our kids were born there. This is where we became the family we are now.

During those years, I went back to school and got my teaching credentials, tutored child actors on set, taught high school math, worked at online charter schools, and eventually became a stay-at-home-mom/blogger. KP went from working in development to screenwriting. There was a tv show writers room staff position for a couple years, a tv pilot that sold but not made, a bunch of random stuff to make ends meet, a steady film marketing job making movie trailers, and always more writing on the side. Basically, this is the life here. Always dreaming, always striving for more, always hoping toward the future.

What many people outside of L.A. don’t realize is that there’s LOTS of normal people who live and work and breathe and have families out here in “Hollywood”, despite what they may have heard about the “evil Hollywood industry” supposedly hell-bent on destroying society, lol. Hopefully KP and I can be an example of just another family out there who, though not perfect, still strives to keep our marriage, family, and sanity intact in the midst of this crazy, entertainment career life.

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