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The 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is coming soon.

I’d tell you all about it now, except there are rules, and the first rule is: Don’t talk about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. 🀐 Well, at least until the bundle launches on 5/1/19.

If you haven’t been following me for awhile and haven’t seen my other bundle reviews – I’ve been reviewing these bundle things for a long time. I don’t always say good stuff about them either, aka I’m honest. You can check out my other bundle reviews HERE.

On May 1st, this post will turn into my Ultimate Homemaking Bundle review. But in the meantime, you have a few options:1) Sign up HERE and I’ll send you an email whenever I’ve posted a new bundle review (any Ultimate Bundle I review, not just the Homemaking Bundle). I keep this email list to specifically focus on review notification – I do not try to “sell” you on anything in these emails! Feel free to sign up without worrying that I’m going to spam you. I won’t. I promise.Β 

2) Sign up to the main Ultimate Bundles mailing list. While their email list will send you more sales-y type emails, they aren’t too often to be too annoying, and they do a much better job than I do about reminding you of deadlines to purchase. If you’re somewhat interested in any of the Ultimate Bundles, and would like reminders when they’re on sale, you might want to sign up with them. You have to sign up for the individual bundles you are interested in specifically (click each name to be taken to mailing list signup):
Productivity Bundle
Blogger’s Toolkit
Homemaking Bundle
Herbs & Essential Oils Bundle
Healthy Living Bundle
Healthy Meal Planning Bundle
Photography Bundle
(**note: while the links above take you to mailing list sign up when bundle sales are closed, they’ll take you to the sales page when the sales are open. I’m not always paying attention to when a sale is open/closed, but in case you get a sales page instead of a signup form, I wanted to let you know why**)

3) Do nothing and possibility miss out on the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. OR make a note in your planner (btw, need a planner? You should check out these. πŸ˜‰) on 5/1 that the bundle starts and then search for “homemaking bundle review” and find my review post.

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Any of the above options work!

And either way, come 5/1/19, these words shall disappear and my Ultimate Homemaking Bundle review will be in its place!

See ya then!!



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