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Since my last child was born I’ve dabbled a bit in essential oils, though this is the first time I’d looked into essential oils for labor. No, I do not sell for an oil direct marketing company, ha ha. In fact, I’ve never purchased oils from one of the MLMs (DoTerra or Young Living). Even still – I’ve recently given oils a chance. I’m not partial to a particular brand. (I tend to buy Eden’s Garden oils through Amazon, but that’s just because I like Amazon and prime shipping.)

For the most part, I really like essential oils. I don’t think they are a miracle cure-all or anything. I believe in western medicine when it’s needed. But I’m cool with trying EOs as a first defense for the small stuff. And they smell nice. I mostly just diffuse them to make a room smell better and to lift the mood. Occasionally I might mix them with some coconut oil and use them topically as well.

Or to experiment with on ants that have invaded my kitchen, mwahhaha. 🙂

Do essential oils work? Maybe. I think they do, or at least they help. At the very least, the aromatherapy aspects seem to be beneficial. I fully believe that our sense of smell greatly impacts our mood. If that’s saying anything for them. 


Since I’m getting close to delivering my third child and planning another natural birth, I’ve recently been researching essential oils to use during labor this time around. Because why not? Right?

Turns out, there’s a TON of information out there to wade through as far as what oils to use in labor. And because I’m weird like that, of course I had to go on a whole fact-finding mission and search every. single. website. I. could. find. on essential oils in labor and compile all the information into an excel document so I could sort the best – and most popular – oil suggestions. 

It was a lot of work!

So I figured – hey, since I did all this work on this, maybe someone else out there would like this information too! I should share it on my blog! 

And that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.

First, a BIG THANKS to the following websites where I compiled most of myresearch from. If you’d like more info on any of these oils, they’re the place to go to! I’m just reporting the info I found there. (and I am obviously NOT a medical doctor and any of the essential oil suggestions given below should be used with doctor supervision. I’m sure you knew that already. 🙂 )

  1. Natural Living Mama – Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery
  2. Healthline – How and Why People Use Essential Oils for Labor
  3. The Paleo Mama – Essential Oils to Use for Labor
  4. Modern Alternative Pregnancy – 6 Essential Oils to Use During Labor
  5. Your Childbirth Guide – Top 8 Essential Oils to Use for Labor 
  6. The Bump – Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery
  7. The Dabblist – 7 Essential Oils to Facilitate Labor Naturally 

If you’re a nerd like me, and want to see ALL THE DATA complied into an searchable and filter-able Excel spreadsheet, you can download that here: EOs For Labor

Or if you’d rather have all the details presented simply and visually – or you want something easy that you can print off and have in your birthing room to reference, scroll below. 

But first! What oils do *I* personally plan to have on hand during labor?

  1. Black Pepper
  2. Clary Sage
  3. Frankincense
  4. Geranium
  5. Lavender
  6. Marjoram
  7. Peppermint
  8. Wild Orange
  9. Ylang Ylang

Why THESE oils? Because I already have them on hand, or they weren’t too expensive to purchase, and/or they are multi-purpose and can be used after the birth too.  

And now time for the Free Printables!

One lists all the oils BY NAME. This is helpful if you’re trying to decide which oils you’d like to have for an upcoming labor. Or which ones you think will be worth it to buy. 

The other lists all the oils BY USE. This is helpful if you’d like to have a printable taped up in your birthing room to use as a reference sheet in the moment. Since I assume that you won’t have every single one of the listed oils in the room with you, you might just want to highlight the options that will be available to you the day of. That way your birthing partner will know what oils they can try, how to use, and when.

I’m planning to print and hang both in my room. But to each their own!

Click to Download Essential Oils For Labor FREE Printable
– Listed By OIL NAME
essential oils for labor printable

Click to Download Essential Oils For Labor FREE Printable
– Listed By USE in LABOR

essential oils for labor printable

If you found these printables helpful, feel free to share/pin this page! 🙂 



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