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Hi. I’m Ronni. This is my blog. Welcome.  (gah, I’m so awkward at these types of things.) 

I began The Screenwriter’s Wife blog in early 2014. At the time, I was at a difficult point in my life and desperately needed an outlet. There didn’t seem to be anyone else out there blogging about married life, family life, Hollywood life, so I figured I’d fill that niche. I originally started this blog as a behind-the-scenes look into pursuing the Hollywood dream with a family in tow. Since then, however, something else happened. A new confidence emerged, both within myself and within the partnership of marriage. 

My husband and I began communicating better. I began expressing myself more. And then we wrote a script. TOGETHER.

It was a huge challenge, in all the hardest – and best – ways. It brought up things we needed to confront in our marriage. And maybe, just maybe, through that journey, I’m now no longer just a “lowly screenwriter’s wife”, but instead a writer, a wife, AND a writer’s wife…all rolled into one.

Oh, and also a mom. Because let’s face it, that’s a pretty big part of my life too. 🙂

So here we are. Still keeping on keeping on. Still married. Still chasing the dream. With three young kids in tow. Figuring out how to make life work. 

Thanks for joining this journey with us. 

Also, See here: Why I Blog. Why I Will Keep Writing.


Here’s the more usual “About Me” blogger spiel, if that’s what you were looking for:

Photo credit: Laura Daulton

Hi, I’m Ronni. I’m grew up in smaller town Texas, but now live in the Los Angeles area with my husband of 12 years (we married suuuper young for L.A. standards, ok?) and our three young kids (which is a suuuper big family by L.A. standards). I’m a math teacher by trade, yet I’m always perusing new passions.

I like all the “mom” stuff (DIY, gardening, sewing, activities with kids), but I also like deep thinking and logic and math stuff and metaphysics stuff. 

Oh, and I like marriage. NOT because it’s been easy or blissful – but because marriage has been hard. At times very hard. But it’s something I believe in and something I’ve fought for and something I’m proud of. And I’m honest about it. And I hope to help others who are struggling in their marriage as well. 

Also, I hope. Because hope is everything. 


I do social media here (Come follow me!):

Facebook – for sporadically announcing when I’ve posted a new blog post or for my twitter posts to auto-publish to.
Instagram – for daily life and pictures of my cute kids. And because Instagram is the happiest of all the social media and I like it there. 🙂 
Twitter – for when I vent about adult things or #momlife things or movies or tv shows I’m watching. 
Pinterest – for mommy-ing, inspiration, and pretending I’ve got my life together. 



If you’d like to see a bit of what I write about – or at least what people like that I write about – here’s a list of my most popular posts (as of July 2016): MOST POPULAR POSTS




Below were my original goals for this blog, and what I still keep in mind when trying to figure out what to write about:

a) Be a resource for women in similar positions as myself, who unfailingly support their husbands’ lofty career goals, all while trying to maintain their own identity as a wife, mother, and individual.

b) Provide insight into the daily realities of living and pursuing a dream in Los Angeles and the tolls it takes when you have a family in tow.

c) Share knowledge I’ve gained over the years that I believe have helped our family survive. Possible topics include: frugality/living on unsteady incomes, parenting/marriage/family life, general DIY stuff, and other topics I’m interested in and think my readers might be interested in as well.



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  1. Found your site looking for how to fix a kindle and initially did not pay attention to what URL stands for… what you are doing (no reference to kindle now) is inspiring, wishing you all the best, good luck and happy Easter – all the way from Down Under

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