Hi, thanks for considering The Screenwriter’s Wife to work with! I’m definitely open to working with companies for reviews, affiliate/referral programs, giveaways, etc. – however, I’m a bit picky about the companies and products I choose to work with as they must line up with the aims and audience of my blog. 

If you have a product or company that fits into one of the topics below (CAPS being my favorite topics to write about), feel free to contact me at ronni@screenwriterswife.com and let’s talk! 🙂

– family/parenting/education
– small house living
– ways to make life simpler 
– entertainment/media
– deep thoughts
– writing (blogging, fiction, script, etc)
– entrepreneurship 
– gardening & DIY
– life in Los Angeles
– hope

My most popular blog post, The Complete List of At Home Date Night Subscription Boxes, averages ~150+ pageviews/day, and has resulted in ~600+ paid subscriptions over the past 12 months. 

I also have experience running giveaways using Giveaway Tools. See my previous giveaways here

CURRENT SITE STATS (Sept. – Dec. ’16)
Average Monthly Pageviews: ~18k
Average Monthly Unique Visitors: ~6k

Jul. ’16 Pageviews: 6.7K, Unique Visitors: 3.7K
Aug. ’16 Pageviews: 6.2K, Unique Visitors: 3.5K
Sept. ’16 Pageviews: 8.5K, Unique Visitors: 4.2K
Oct. ’16 Pageviews: 8.8K, Unique Visitors: 3.6K
Nov. ’16 Pageviews: 22.5K, Unique Visitors: 6.3K
Dec. ’16 Pageviews: 33.7K, Unique Visitors: 9.6K
(I might be small now, but I’m growing! 🙂 )

I look forward to talking more about how we can work together! You can contact me at: ronni@screenwriterswife.com

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