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Happy Thanksgiving!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year! 
Happy Holidays!

Either way – I’m doing a giveaway!

Wait, no, I’m doing TWO giveaways!!

I have referral credit to use up, and who better to use that credit on than one two of YOU, my readers? These boxes make an excellent Christmas/Holiday present for your relationship in the coming year. While this giveaway is for the date night subscription box company Datebox, there are quite a few other awesome at home night night box companies and I encourage you to check them out to find one that’s a perfect fit for your relationship!

OH – and this giveaway is going to be a bit different than the giveaways I’ve hosted in the past as I’m adding a fun new entry option:

Every other day or so I’ll announce a bonus code on one or more of my social media channels (or through email) that can earn 3 extra entries. Which can add up to a TON of extra chances for you to win!

I’m doing this because while I love offering these occasional giveaways for anyone to enter and discover my blog through, truthfully, I’d much prefer for someone who, you know, actually follows The Screenwriter’s Wife and cares about this blog to win. 🙂

Sooo….if you don’t already follow me and you really want to win this subscription, here’s where you might be able to find the daily bonus codes that can significantly increase your chances. Just sayin. Click below for links:
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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, I was not paid to host this giveaway, and I am using my own referral credit to provide the prize. 

The Giveaway Prize: 6 month date night box gift subscription to Datebox ($197 value!!)
# of Prizes: 2 total (one in Nov. & one in Dec.)
Entry Dates: 
Giveaway 1 (November): Fri. 11/10/17 – Thurs. 11/30/17 11:59pm Pacific
Giveaway 2 (December): Fri. 12/01/17 – Thurs. 12/21/17 11:59pm Pacific
Rules: open to U.S. Residents, 18+, Contiguous U.S. only


DECEMBER Date Night Subscription Box Giveaway:

At Home Date Night Box 6-month Subscription December Giveaway

NOVEMBER Date Night Subscription Box Giveaway:

At Home Date Night Box 6-month Subscription November Giveaway



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20 comments on “At Home Date Night Subscription Box GIVEAWAY! A 6-Month Subscription ($197 Value)”

  1. Any date box could be fun. Crated with Love is focused on the relationship goals. I like thinking you can make a strong relationship even stronger.

  2. All the boxes look great. I really liked date nite box. This would be so helpful since both of us are so busy with work that we often can’t plan anything, and so when we get to date night we have trouble finding something that still has openings

  3. I like the Date To Door because it has a monthly challenge. That would be fun & help to focus on each other more.

  4. I like the March 2017 Date Night In box’s theme was Pamper Your Love because I like the Spa like products!

  5. I have to admit that The Fantasy Box sounds intriguing. But I alsoo like that UnboxLove has activities to get a couple talking.

  6. I really hope I win a date box! My husband and I have been married 7 years and it has been awesome, but I think this would’ be a great fun way to connect!

  7. I finally figured it out and managed to get in 15 entrees! I am so excited at the thought of quite possibly having some alone time with my Husband, that could include “goodies” and a good time! Thank you so much for this opportunity! Wish I’d have known about this sooner though. Oh well 🤞😁

  8. i googled Date Boxes because i had heard about them from a friend. i was directed to your blog where you review several different ones. NOW, i can’t decide which one to choose LOL!

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