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Since I started blogging in the marriage niche, I’ve been fortunate to stumble upon a lot of other marriage blogs. Some marriage blogs I enjoy and consider to be some of the best marriage blogs, others blogs are not really my thing or what I’m looking for. Unfortunately, many marriage blogs I’ve found are:

• Written solely with a Christian audience in mind and only relatable to a Christian audience.
• Blogs that ONLY talk about the happy moments of marriage and feel unrealistic.
Simple, pat, and cliched answers that don’t address the depths of where marriage struggles often end up.
• Focused on more general topics such as dating, relationships, sex, or weddings, rather than marriage itself. 

There is nothing wrong with any of these things above! And in fact are great fits for many couples depending on what they’re seeking. However, I’ve instead been on the lookout for these kinds of marriage blogs: 

• Spoken in a ‘language’ that anyone can relate to, both religious and non-religious. 
Honest about the (sometimes really) hard times of marriage.
Encourages marriages to stay together whenever possible (i.e. doesn’t encourage separation).
Focused primarily on marriage issues, rather than more general relationships/dating/sex topics. 

If you haven’t heard of any of the below bloggers, you might want to go check them out!

1) Living the Sweet Wife – Chelsea is a pretty big blogger who also blogs about motherhood, fashion, and fitness, as well as marriage, but I only really read her marriage posts. I pin her marriage posts A LOT. I appreciate that while Chelsea is religious, that she’s able to write about marriage in an accessible way for all. With 22k+ Instagram followers, no lie, she’s like totally cool and hip and gives off that ‘Millennial Instagram Influencer’ vibe – BUT she still has a lot of good stuff to say about marriage. 🙂 You should check her out. 

2) #StayMarried – I admit that I only recently discovered that they had a blog. I had previously only known about their hashtag, having used it many times myself on twitter/instagram posts. What I love about the #staymarried hashtag/blog/website is its devotion to helping couples that want to stay married, even when going gets tough. Much like what I strive to write about too. Now that I’ve realized that they have an actual blog, I’m probably going to be posting and pinning their stuff all the time now. 

3) To Love, Honor, and Vacuum – I must note, very first off, that Sheila is a CHRISTIAN marriage blogger. Of all the marriage bloggers who write from a Christian perspective, she is one of the only ones that I still recommend. I respect that she writes very honestly about marriage, especially about some of the issues that spring up in Christian marriages, that no one else in that field is talking about. She meets a need in the Christian marriage community that I’m very thankful someone is there to fill. 
(Also, I’m apparently distant cousins to her husband somewhere down the line as her married last name of Gregoire is my maiden name. 🙂 ) 

4) Assume Love – I only JUST discovered this blog while I was writing this post. It’s an totally old school blog. No pinnable graphics. No easily shareable social media buttons. No social media accounts at all even! Still, there’s a lot of REALLY great stuff here. Especially about those really, really hard parts of marriage. I might try to contact this author and see i I can help “modernize” her writings to better reach people, lol. In the meantime, if you still use a blog reader (I use feedly), this might be a blog to subscribe to. 

5) The Gottman Institute Blog – Admittedly, I don’t really read this blog. I like The Gottman Institute and think it is a WONDERFUL resource on all things marriage. It’s a ‘name I can trust’ and if I’m ever looking for marriage advice, encouragement or relationship building products, I know I can go here. I should probably make it a point to read this blog more and share posts from it. 

6) Marriage Laboratory – Run by a couple, Rich and Celeste (who are Mormon but thankfully write to a larger audience than just Mormons/Christians). They have cute overall blog, and good blog posts. Nothing suuuper heavy hitting, but overall good advice for marriage. 

I’ll be adding more to this list as I stumble upon more great marriage blogs out there! If you have any suggestions of a great marriage blog that I might have missed, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out and add it. 🙂 


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