2017 PARENTING Super Bundle Review – I kind of like this one :)

When I first saw that there was going to be a “Parenting” Super Bundle, I was kind of lie ‘eh’. I’m not especially fond of being reminded of all the things I should improve on as a parent, ha ha. When it was announced what would be in the bundle, I also wasn’t particularly impressed by the bonuses (which are usually my favorite part). And then, there was a whole “Faith” section (which is my biggest hangup of the Homemaking bundle, as it isn’t necessarily a good fit for everyone).  So overall, I wasn’t sure what to do.

BUT. Then the thought of the bundle rolled itself around in my mind. And I google searched some of the resources and decided I wanted them. And there was a Homeschool section–something that I’m actually currently looking for resources on. And…I figured what the heck. I could do another bundle review to make me feel like it was worth it. So I bought it.

2017 Ultimate HOMEMAKING Bundle Review…& what you should buy instead

Not sure if you should purchase the 2017 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? You’ve come to the right place!
FIRST – be sure to go over all the nothing-but-the-truth overall Ultimate Bundle FAQs.
SECOND – scroll down for my super thorough 2017 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle review below…as well as some suggestions of what to buy instead if you end up deciding that the bundle’s not for you this time around.

2015 Ultimate HEALTHY LIVING Bundle Review

So you read mom blogs and saw some of them advertising this “Ultimate Bundles” ebook thing and you weren’t sure of it was a scam or for real and so you did a search for “Ultimate [Homemaking/DIY/Healthy Living/etc] Bundle Review” and ended up on this blog post. If so, welcome. 🙂

NO – this is not a scam.

They’re able to offer so many books for so cheap bundled together because it’s basically one huge collective promotional push where authors and companies combine forces to advertise for everyone at the same time. And because most products offered are digital, they can sell them for as cheap as they want and still make money.

BUT – is it as awesome of a deal as many of the mom bloggers make it out to be? Well, that’s your call. See below.

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