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DateBoxClubReviewSo you all know how I have a post listing all the Date Night Subscription Boxes available out there, right? It’s a pretty popular post of mine. WELL, KP and I FINALLY got the chance to try a few of them out! I’m pretty stocked to share this DateBox Club review with you!

(Disclaimer: I was given a free box to review, but I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own!)

Here’s the box. There is no inner box, so don’t open it up until you’re ready. 🙂
Here’s what it looked like inside (though to be honest, my daughter started ruffling through the box when my back was turned so I had to put it back together for this picture…so the original unboxing may have looked slightly different. But I think I got it mostly back to its’ original state.)
IMG_4064 (1280x929)
You’re given a brown envelope with date night instructions. My first observation was that the card looked very professional and I was excited to start off the date!
Here are all the contents of the box (there should have been a timer in the little blue bag w/the cards, but apparently my daughter got to that and I didn’t find it until after these pictures were taken. Kids. 🙂 )
IMG_4069 (1280x830)
DateBox Club had previously emailed me and said that I might want to purchase the following perishable items: strawberries, cream (which I mistakenly took to mean “whipped cream”, when they really meant regular, non-whipped, cream; ha ha) and chocolate chips.
IMG_4073 (1280x1035)
Here’s a preview of what all the activity cards looked like.
IMG_4081 (1280x1098)
We got our date area all set up.
IMG_4083 (1280x872)
KP poured some sparkling cider (not gonna lie, champagne would have been preferable, but alas, that’s not for right now).
IMG_4087 (1280x899)
We dipped some strawberries into the chocolate fondue, and then decided to see if we could roast marshmallows over the flame (spoiler: not really).
Date Box Club_fondue
The fondue set was actually pretty nice, and not something we ever would’ve bought for ourselves, but now that we have it, I think we’ll use it again. We’d like to try it with cheese too.

From there, KP and I moved on to the “Fondue 4Play” card game. We had the most fun with this and went through every single card, both front and back. Basically, I suck and can’t come up with answers fast enough, and KP only half-sucks and could come of with enough answers fast enough half the time. It was silly and lighthearted and we laughed and joked with each other. A couple of the cards were slightly risque, like ‘Things that turn you on’, but mostly fairly tame. Most of the questions would be appropriate for a dating or non-married couple as well, and you could always just skip over any questions that you’d didn’t feel were appropriate for your relationship.
(EDIT: I just looked over the cards again and saw one that was “Sex Positions”…so…I guess that if you’re not at this point in a relationship that you can just skip over this card for now. 🙂 )
IMG_4094 (1280x932)

– Everything seemed very high quality and professional.
– I like that the fondue set felt like a little gift that we can use again and again. I would definitely use DateBox Club again and am curious about what comes in their other monthly boxes as well.
– Based off this one box alone (other boxes might have a different feel; if I try out some more in the future, I’ll let you know of any revised thoughts), DateBox Club seems like it’d be a great fit for those who’ve been dating for at least long enough to be pretty comfortable with each other, those who are engaged, and those who are married.
– I think that this would make a perfect wedding gift for a newly married couple. I don’t see a gift option on their website, however, I bet if you emailed them, they might be able to work something out.
– Their customer service is very quick and easy to work with.
– The card activity was pretty fun. (and don’t forget that they are now offering a free printable of the game if you sign up for their newsletter!)

My only cons (if you can call them that) is that the date felt very short to me. The chocolate fondue part, though tasty, didn’t really have much more involved to it and was over pretty fast. I almost wish it had been a cheese fondue instead and that it could have incorporated more of a dinner-ish feel, instead of a quick dessert.

But again, I’m basing all this off only one box. I would DEFINITELY try DateBox Club again!

DateBox Club Info from their website:
– $35/mo (plus $1 shipping)
– billed on the 1st of the month, ships out the 2nd week of the month
– meant to last around 2 hours
– appropriate for anyone in a relationship, all ages and athletic ability.
– you can see some of the things that have been in previous boxes here: Previous Boxes 

(also, a quick note: DateBox Club should NOT be confused with another competitor named Datebox. Similar names, yes, but I believe they are very different concepts. This review is for DateBox CLUB, the one with the logo of the two cute little blue birds. 🙂 )

Thanks so much DateBox Club for allowing KP and I to have a fun date night at home!

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