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While I also cover heavier marriage issues in my blog, this post deals with something a bit lighter, but still very important to the success of marriage relationships: Spending Quality Time Together, aka Date Night through the use of date night subscription boxes.

If you’re in a rut of trying to come up with ideas for date nights, or if you don’t really have time for date nights, or you don’t want to spend the money to hire a babysitter, these at home date night subscription boxes take care of most of the work for you.


DateInACrate_logo1. Crated With Love

Cost/mo.: $20 – $27/mo
Shipping: FREE
Promo code: WRITERSWIFE, 50% off 1st month

Best For?: Seriously Dating, Engaged, Married
Overall: Every Crated With Love box also includes relationship building activities and every month has a relationship building theme to it. If you’re looking specifically for boxes that will be good talking points and foster communication, then this is the box to get. Crated With Love also has the lowest price point of all the boxes, so if budget is important to you, this might be your best bet. CWL also offers a new upgraded “online bonus activities” subscription. You can read more about it in my Oct. 2017 review.

My Crated With Love Reviews:
    CratedWithLove Review_0416


unboxlove_logo22. Unbox Love 

Cost/mo.: $34 – $39/mo
Promo code: SCREENWRITER, $10 off initial subscription 

Best For?: Seriously Dating, Engaged, Married
Overall: I’ve found that Unbox Love and DateBox Club have similar feels to their boxes and activities and are also comparably priced. You can’t go wrong with either of them. Unbox Love often includes activities that get a couple talking as well as fun activities.

My Unbox Love Reviews:


3. DateBox Club 

Cost/mo.: $30 – $35/mo
Shipping: $1.99
Promo code: $5 off (5Month1). OR free shipping on 3-, 6-, or 12- month subscriptions (freeship17)

Best For?: Seriously Dating, Engaged, Married
Overall:  I’ve found that Unbox Love and DateBox Club have similar feels to their boxes and activities and are also comparably priced. You can’t go wrong with either of them. DateBox Club seems to focus more on fun activities rather than specifically relationship-building activities.

My DateBox Club Reviews:







4) Date Night In

Cost: $31 – $35/mo; 1 month, 3 month, 6 and 12 month plans available
Shipping: $8
Promo codes: See the image to the right —> for current promos. 

Best For?: Dating, Engaged, Married
Overall: Date Night In is a newcomer to the date night subscription boxes scene and seems to be off to a strong start. They also offer other series of boxes that I have not yet checked out: Faith Night In (like a devotional for couples?), and a Kids Night In (review coming soon!),

My Date Night In Reviews:




Cost: $31 – $43/box
Shipping: FREE
Promo code: n/a

Best For?: Dating, Engaged, Married, Groups, Families





Cost/mo.: $28 – $35/mo
Shipping: $5
Promo code: n/a


datenightboxDate Nite Box

Date Nite Box is more like a date night ‘concierge’ with fully planned and purchased date packages, you get a date night tin with your planned date night  including gift cards and/or vouchers for entertainment and food. Not offered in all cities, yet kind of neat and worth mentioning in this list. Cost is $69 – $159/box.


The Dating Divas

So way back before I had a blog, Pinterest introduced me to this website called “The Dating Divas” that offered free, printable, themed date night ideas. I even printed out and did a couple of the dates with KP. 🙂 Though I fully support The Dating Divas’ aims of marriage building, I’ve always hesitated a bit in promoting them here because:
A) they’re sometimes a little bit too sugary-sweet, sunshine and roses, for my personal taste, and
B) they aren’t really a date night box.

However, I feel that it’s worth it to list them here still, because they DO offer at-home date night products that might be what you’re looking for still.
NOTE that these are all digital printable packs and that you will have to print & assemble the rest of the date yourself. Here are a few of the products that center around a monthly date night:
Around The World Date Night Kit: 12 months of international themed date nights
Ultimate Intimacy Pack: Sexy bedroom games for each month of the year
Love Letter of the Month Club
Year of Date Nights
Year of Dates 2.0
Year of Sport Themed Dates


Or…if you’re looking for something a bit spicier… wink, wink… 😉

Note: There are quite a few “adult” themed subscription boxes out there. While most of them are, cheesy, cheap, and ‘bachelorette party’-ish, what I liked about the below company, and why I’m including it here, is that it focuses on a bringing a couple closer together and building their (sexual) relationship…instead of just focusing on temporary satisfaction.

TheFantasyBox.com_logoThe Fantasy Box 

Cost: $39 – $159/box
Shipping: FREE

fantasy box subscription box review

Promo code: SCREEN10; 10% off ANY purchase, not just a subscription! – you can also get 10% off by signing up for their email newsletter, but that discount only applies to a subscription; mine applies to any product as well. If you don’t mind, please use my code SCREEN10 so I can get credit for the sale. 🙂

Best For?: Longer-Term Married (>5yr+) who need to spice up their intimate life; NOT AS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for newer couples.

My The Fantasy Box Reviews:
Click on that vertical image over there —>
for my Dec. 2017 Review: Bringing Sexy Back To your Marriage, and/or see:
Jan. 2018 Review: Boundaries, Comfort Zones and Date Nights In Bed



Bonding Bees – info coming soon!


Modern Love Box – info coming soon!


Couples Getaway Box – info coming soon!


STATUS UNCERTAIN Date Night Boxes [as of 9/27/17]:

I’ve found the following boxes on my searches, however, I beleive that they are now out of business. But seeing as how this is The COMPLETE List of Date Night Subscription Boxes, I felt the need to note them here regardless.

Date To Door – their social media accounts have not been updated since Dec. 2016. I have no idea if they are still in business or not?
Dates Done Right
PitterPat Packages – I did a review on one of their boxes from Jan. 2016 HERE.
Date Night Done For You


Did I miss any Date Night Subscription Boxes out there? I think I got all I could find, but if there’s something else that should be added to this list, please leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂


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56 comments on “The Complete List of At Home Date Night Subscription Boxes (& promo codes!)”

  1. I love this post, and the subscription box ideas too! Marriage support is such a valuable thing to have! I try to be real yet supportive when talking about marriage, and it’s always great to hear other voices like that too!

    • If I won this great giveaway I would gift it to my youngest son who I live with so he and his other half realize I appreciate all they do for me even though I have so many health issues they never complain.

  2. Getdatebox.com is another one. It’s $35 for a $50-100 value and includes gift cards/ vouchers for a night out or an evening in.

  3. My wife and I just received a Date Box as a gift today. I was impressed with the packaging, and this month’s date is a group date scavenger hunt and New Years relationship goals date. It came with three decks of cards with scavenger hunt items, three selfie stocks, and three water lanterns with tea lights for the goals portion of the date. I’m curious to try some other companies as well to see who offers the best value for our budget. Thanks for the recommendations!

  4. Lovebird is currently on hold due to a family issue. I ordered through them and never got anything and had the same issues through email. They are reachable through Facebook message though. They’re still selling their boxes, just no news yet on when they will actually start sending them again, for now everything is on hold.

  5. Hi! http://www.NovelErotics.com is not a subscription service, but offers spicy choices of the same genre as you describe above. Each book-style box contains a saucy story on the inside cover, and 5-6 products to complement/help you act out the story. The Themes include bondage, full on naughty exploration, and a discreet Hotel Affair complete with bubble bath (coming later this fall). I can supply more info if needed!

    • Hi Anne – I checked out your site and your book-style boxes are an interesting take, but I’m not sure they are the right fit for my date night subscription box listing. The reason why I include The Fantasy Box over other “adult” type of subscription boxes is that The Fantasy Box has a relationship building slant to it that I greatly appreciate. They seek to guide couples in new ways that they can embrace, explore, and strengthen their intimate & long-term relationships…it doesn’t just focus on individual, one-time, pleasure seeking experiences as do many of the other “adult” services out there.

      I’ll go ahead and leave your comment here on this post in case someone reads this and wants to take a look at your service, but I wanted to explain why I’m not going to officially list it above.

  6. Hi there! Thank you for your very thorough list. I am currently researching Christmas gift ideas, and I love the concept of these date night boxes. I just have one concern though. (This is the first I have encountered your blog so I don’t know much about you yet, please bear with me!) My husband and I are Christians and choose to make purity a priority in our home and our marriage. Can you tell me, in your research/experience, do any of these lend themselves toward being more “risky” in that category? Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t shy about sex in our marriage 😉 but we want to avoid anything that would include even slightly pornographic material, and that sort of thing. We would likely avoid the “Fantasy Box” to play it safe, but do you feel like there is any reason for me to avoid any of the others? And please note that we do not pass judgement in anyway, this is simply a personal preference 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hi Kate, no problem! I agree that The Fantasy Box probably wouldn’t be a good fit for you. From the other boxes that I’ve previewed: Unbox Love, DateBox Club, Crated With Love, and Datebox, I think you’ll probably find just what you’e looking for. Most of the times the boxes don’t even reference sex. I can’t attest for the other boxes as I have not tried them out (yet), but you could probably also email the companies directly and ask them too.

      Thanks for visiting and I hope you and your husband enjoy your date nights!

  7. Date To Door sounds like a fun one. All of these look awesome though! They really are a wonderful idea. Great for bonding 🙂

  8. I would like the Date Nite In, because sometimes you like to be alone with someone special without dealing with other noises or disturbances.

  9. Date nite in seems pretty awesome, might give my wife something to do while im at work and shes home alone with our daughter, or just for a nice winter day at home when neither of us want to leave

  10. Because of your recommendation, I tried Crated with Love. It was pretty fun. I think the date night box I would like to try most is the Fantasy Box.

  11. I would choose the Fantasy box because I’ve been in a relationship for 6+ years and because you recommend it and have personally seen and experienced the ones u mentioned in this post. Thank you.

  12. I’m trying out the datelivery box for December. I hope it’s good! I’m excited to try a semiplanned date. Especially for two who are very indecisive and barely spend time together.

  13. I think they all sound great. Honestly I’d have no clue what to try. We’ve been married 16+ years and actively trying to conceive so it’s becominf a routine now

    • You might want to try The Fantasy Box then. 😉 It took us a couple years of TTC before getting pregnant with our first and I know how things can start to feel “routine” if you let it. Which is why I think it’s super important to make it a point to do things that aren’t just TTC related each month too, if you know what I mean. And really…The Fantasy Box would probably be an excellent fit for you and give you just the break that you need. 🙂 🙂

  14. I think we would like datedboxclub the best- we don’t like to do anything that’s too serious or feels like work lol

  15. Hi Ronni!

    I just happened across your blog, and I was hoping you might help my wife and I pick a date box to try! When we think about date night, we’re more interested in the out-and-about type of dates, but we love the concept of the pre-planned and spontaneous dates! Also, we’re located in Canada, so we need international shipping. I know that Datebox does dates out of the house, and even lets you customize your preferences, but they don’t ship internationally (sadface ='( ). What might you recommend?

  16. Thank you for your reviews!! I look forward to following you 🙂 I was researching date boxes for a Christmas gift for my hubby and was linked to your review!! VERY helpful!!

  17. This is an awesome list and reviews. I wish I’d stumbled on this first! 🙂
    Have you tried The Duo Box? Wondering your thoughts on that one if so…

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