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KP & I never planned to become tiny house people or squeeze 5 people into this house when we first moved in -before kids- 7 years ago. But here we are now. A Family of 5 in 700 sq ft.When KP and I first moved into this 2 bedroom rental home eight years ago, we never expected to fit a family of 5 in 700 sq ft. We were just excited that it allowed dogs and had a small back yard. We had no kids (We’d been trying to conceive, but not yet to any avail), the 2nd bedroom would make a great office, I could plant a garden and our dog could run around outside. 

A year and a half later, our daughter was born. In a birth pool in the dining room. The 2nd bedroom office became a nursery.

Two and a half years after that, our first son was born. On the bed in our bedroom. The nursery became the kids room. Our house began to feel small.

But rental prices in our area had skyrocketed and we didn’t want to leave our community so we decided to keep making it work. I wrote a popular blog post about how a family of 4 lives in only 700 sq ft.

And then I got pregnant with our 3rd child. Also a son. Also born in our bedroom. And we became a family of FIVE.

Trust me, KP and I never meant to squeeze 5 people into this small house. We did not set out to be “tiny house” people (though I don’t consider our house “tiny” at all…but instead small). We never considered ourselves minimalists. But here we are. We like this area of town; we don’t want to leave. Our landlord has been kind to us, our rent has remained affordable, and it doesn’t make sense for us to leave…yet. 

So yeah. Here we are. 

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700 sq ft, Family of Four FIVE House Tour:

March 2015: This post of mine How a Family of Four Lives in a 700 sq ft House & Small Home Ideas“, shared by the popular blog Money Saving Mom, was my first big post. Before it, I was lucky to get 800 blog visits in an entire month, after it posted I got 16,000 visits in ONE day!

It was an interesting experience reading random strangers critique and criticize the clutter of my house, but instead of letting it upset me, I decided to make some changes. 

December 2015: KP and I re-did the living room and it made a HUGE difference. I again blogged about it in the post “Small House Living Room Re-Do“. 

Fall 2016 – 2017: When I found out I was pregnant with Baby #3, KP and I toyed with the idea of moving, but eventually decided to stay put. In consolation, we committed to putting effort into our home and re-doing as much of it as we could afford to do. 

We’ve been slowly but surely working on the house here and there over the past many months and I’m proud to show off the changes we’ve made to make this 700 sq ft home work for our family of now FIVE! See below for a room-by-room house tour:

Family of 5 in 700 sq ft  3 Small Kids in a Small Kids Room (99 sq ft)

Family of 5 in 700 sq ft  No “Master” Bedroom for the Parent’s Room (137.5 sq ft)

Family of 5 in 700 sq ft  A Not So Fine Dining Room & Kid’s Play”room” (67.2 sq ft)

 The “Everything Room”: Entryway, Desk Area, Living Room Combo (222 sq. ft.)

 The Little Kitchen and Laundry Area That Could (71.5 & 31.5 sq. ft.)

“Hurry Up I Have To Pee” One Bathroom House (37.5 sq. ft.)



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  1. Oh my… You have such cleaver ideas. This just goes to show that we don’t need so much space to live and enjoy life. Personally, I would love to downgrade, but my husband doesn’t want to. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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