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First, bad blogger confession here: I am HORRIBLY late to put this Kids Night In review up. I have no legitimate excuse and the folks over at Night In Boxes have been super patient with me and hopefully don’t hate me. 🙂 

Yes, this is their NOVEMBER 2017 box. Yes, I know. Whatever. Ignore what month it now is, and enjoy this cool box offering that Night In Boxes have recently put together. I’ve reviewed their Date Night In boxes before, but they’ve also put together a line of subscription boxes to do with your kids called Kids Night In Boxes!

I know there’s other kid subscription boxes out there. We do some of the other subscription boxes, like Kiwi Crate, Little Passports and History Unboxed as well, but those are more educational in nature. Kids Night In boxes are geared toward quality time spent with your kids…kind of like a parent-kid play date. That comes in a box. So that you can just be an awesome parent without even having to try. 🙂

Here’s some pics of my kids unboxing. Side note: Kid + Box to Open = Present. Kids love presents. 

Kids Night In Review - Spend Quality Time w/Your Kids Subscription Box

Also, disclaimer: I *was* given a free Kids Night In box to review, but I was not paid to write this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Here’s what came in the November 2017 Kids Night In box: 

Kids Night In Review - Spend Quality Time w/Your Kids Subscription Box

  • Instruction Guide
  • Coloring/Letter Writing page
  • Nuts.com sugar cookie mix (have I mentioned how much I like Nuts.com? Oh, I have. 🙂 )
  • Flower Pot/Seeds
  • Cookie Bags & Tags
  • Colored Pencils
  • Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks book

Kids Night In Review - Spend Quality Time w/Your Kids Subscription Box

The Guidebook started off with some questions about giving. What does it mean to give? What are some times when someone else has shared something with you?

Kids Night In Review - Spend Quality Time w/Your Kids Subscription Box

Activity 1 was to write a letter to a member in the armed forces as part of Operation Gratitude. Depending on the age(s) of your kid(s), you could either color a picture and/or write a letter on the back thanking them for their service. 

Kids Night In Review - Spend Quality Time w/Your Kids Subscription Box

Activity 2 was baking sugar cookies. We talked about people who help us and people we’d like to tell thank you for how they help us. Then we colored gift bag tags to attach to the cookie bags.

Kids Night In Review - Spend Quality Time w/Your Kids Subscription Box

Activity 3 involved planting seeds and talking about an organization called Plant With Purpose that helps bring sustainable gardening practices to those in rural and impoverished areas around the world. 

While waiting for the cookies to bake and cool, we read the included book Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks

Kids Night In Review - Spend Quality Time w/Your Kids Subscription Box

After the cookies cooled, we wrapped them up in the included bags and attached the tags. My daughter choose to give her cookies to our neighbors, and my son to his preschool teachers. 

Kids Night In Review - Spend Quality Time w/Your Kids Subscription Box

All in all, I really enjoyed this Kids Night In box! I especially liked that it had a lesson about being thankful. I’m not sure if all the Kids Night In boxes contain activities that center around a lesson, or if other boxes are geared toward more fun, but I’d be interested in trying other boxes out, so I’ll let you know if I do.

Suggested Ages: Kids Night In states that they are for ages 3-11. I did this box with my 3 and 6 yr old together. I liked that there were suggestions in the instruction book on how to adapt the activities to both older and younger kids. Since my kids are young right now, I can’t really speak to if these boxes would be a good fit for older kids, but I think they are definitely good for ages 3-8ish. After 9yrs, it might depend on the personality of your individual child as to if this would still be a good fit for them. Some preteens might feel this is a bit too young for them; other preteens might enjoy them. 

Price: $34.99/mo, with discounts on longer subscription purchases. You can also use one of my promo codes listed below to get an even better deal. 😉 

Thanks so much Night In Boxes for letting me review one of your Kids Night In boxes! 

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