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2019 update – I’m doing a giveaway for this best folding push pull wagon! Check out the giveaway HERE! Ends 12/2!

This is a short and sweet little blog post, basically because I’m in love with my new wagon and I figure I should write a blog post about it. Afterall, when I was searching high and low for the “PERFECT wagon” I would’ve appreciated finding this post reviewing the best folding kids wagon push stroller too. 🙂

Disclaimer: this post is NOT sponsored. I was NOT provided free product. I paid for this wagon from my own pocketbook! And this is not the first wagon I’ve bought – again, with my own money – and tried out. This review is my completely honest opinion. 
UPDATE: The makers of this wagon contacted me after seeing this awesome review 🙂 and I’ve since discovered that not only is it cheaper to buy directly through them, AND free shipping, that they also gave me a PROMO CODE for an additional 5% off!! See below for more info.

A short-ish history of my journey to find the BEST folding kids wagon push stroller:

  • 2011: I had my first baby. We had a fancy jogging stroller thing. (something like this) Easy peasy.
  • 2012: We upgraded/downgraded to a simple umbrella stroller. (this one: Chicco Capri)
  • 2014: I had a second kid. We bought, secondhand, a sit-n-stand stroller (this one: Joovy Caboose Ultralight), which was great! But not-so-heavy duty and we couldn’t take it off-terrain. 
  • 2015: Kid #2 became a toddler and we got our first wagon! Found it for $22 at a consignment sale. A classic hard plastic Radio Flyer with foldable bucket seats (this one, but without the canopy). This thing was heavy duty and held up to a beating, that’s for sure. But it was too big to take many places and bulky to lug around. 

The Best Folding Kids Wagon You Can Push Like a Stroller

  • 2016: I realized that what I really wanted was a FOLDING wagon so that I could more easily throw it in the back of the car and take it places with me. After an exhaustive search, found this awesome looking Sandusky wagon on Amazon and bought it. It was decently priced as compared to other folding wagons, and seemed heavy-duty. I took it to the zoo a couple times. And even though I’d wanted to love it…I just didn’t. It was too heavy. Too big. Hard to fold up and unfold. It didn’t come with a canopy, nor were there any I could buy for it. The front wheels were in the center of the wagon, which made the thing topple over if you tried to make too sharp of a turn. I ended up not using it as much as I thought I would have.

The Best Folding Kids Wagon You Can Push Like a Stroller

  • 2017: I decided that, no, scratch what I said before, what I really wanted in my life was a folding wagon that I could PUSH, not pull. Pushing a stroller is way easier than dragging a wagon loaded down with kids. So I sold the heavy folding wagon at a consignment sale once I discovered that there were a few folding “push wagons”-slash-strollers out on the market! What an amazing idea! There was this GoGo BabyZ one that was super expensive. Or there was this WagonBuddy one, but it seemed almost too cheap. We got the cheap one for Christmas. I was determined that it was going to be just as good as the expensive one and I was super excited to have it all set up and loaded with present on Christmas morning. The first time we tried it out though, the wheel was bending weird and looked like it was gonna break off any moment. It really was cheap. 🙁 We returned it. 🙁

The Best Folding Kids Wagon You Can Push Like a Stroller

  • 2018: Still wagonless, I’d just about given up my dream of ever finding the perfect wagon for my family. Then one day, someone on Instagram posted a picture of this beautiful hybrid contraption that resembled both a stroller and a wagon. Seriously, it was ah-maz-ing. But it was $600, just for the base model, not even counting the attachment! (Still though, if you have the money for it, check it out these Veer wagons! I follow them on Instagram still just so I can drool over them. Hah.) I knew we couldn’t buy that wagon, but my search for the perfect was thankfully re-ignited because I searched again on Amazon and found this: (HEADS UP though, I found a better deal for the wagon through Custom Folding Wagons here)

The Best Folding Kids Wagon You Can Push Like a Stroller


It’s foldable.
It’s EASY to fold and unfold.
It’s relatively lightweight (I stress “relatively” because I didn’t want it too cheap feeling either).
It comes with a canopy.
It comes with a storage compartment.
It comes with child seatbelts.
It can fit three small kids.
It has pockets to put things in.
It has foot brakes in both the back and front.
It can be used as a PUSH wagon/stroller.
It can be used as a traditional PULL wagon. 

Guys, I am NOT an impulse buyer. I research and research and hem and haw before buying anything. I’m certainly not an impulse buyer for something that costs $250 (including shipping).

When I found it, and read the Amazon reviews, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Finally. It was more expensive than I’d like to pay, sure, but obviously going the cheap route did’t work for me either. 

So I bought it. 

And I’m in love with it. Everywhere I take it, people stop and ask me about it. 

We’ve had it for what, 5 weeks so far? I’ve already taken it:
– in circles around our large backyard,
– around the block, both on sidewalks and dirt paths,
– to the zoo,
– to the beach,
– camping,
– and to the county fair. 

And it’s held up everywhere. I mean, sure, it was a bit of a pull through dry sand (isn’t everything?), but it was doable. And it was perfect on the wet sand. 

Look, I even got my toddler to nap in it during an afternoon at the beach! 

We’ve used it as a shady lunch spot when we couldn’t find a table at the fair. 

Supposedly (though don’t quote me on this as it’s the one place I haven’t tested it) you can even use it at theme parks that don’t typically allow wagons, aka Disney, because the PUSH mechanism allows it to be classified as a stroller instead of a wagon. 

Seriously guys – it’s crossed off every checkbox I’ve ever wanted in a wagon.

Though I’m not going to lie. I still think the Veer wagons are pretty spectacular, so I mean, if you can afford one, then by all means, I understand if you get a Veer wagon. But if you can’t – this wagon from Creative Outdoor, and sold through Custom Folding Wagons, is a pretty amazing choice. And for most people, it’s the clear winner when it comes to the Best Folding Wagon For Kids you can buy. 

I’m sooooo glad I finally have the wagon I’ve always wanted!!! 

10/18/18 UPDATE!!! Guys, the coolest thing happened. The creators of this wagon somehow found my blog post and were so happy to see my review, that they decided to give me a PROMO CODE to share with my readers! Also, I’ve since discovered that if you buy this directly through their website that not only is it cheaper than Amazon, but that they offer FREE SHIPPING. So I’ve changed my mind – don’t buy this through Amazon, buy it direct from their site. here’s the info:
Custom Folding Wagons
Push-Pull Wagon (comes in teal, navy, pink & purple)
Price: $198.99 $219.99 (as of 7/17/19)
Free Shipping 🙂

And….if you buy direct from their site, they also offer some great wagon accessories. In fact, the company even sent me some of their accessories to try out and review — so I’ll try to get some pictures of those up very soon too. But how cool is that, right?? Thanks Custom Folding Wagons!

Though it’s a bit more pricey on Amazon (buying direct through their website is cheaper) – if you’d like to check out the really great Amazon reviews before buying, you can do so here: AMAZON LINK FOR MORE INFO 🙂 

2019 update: I have an updated post w/their new model! PLEASE SEE HERE!



43 Comments on BEST Folding Kids Wagon! Push It Like a Stroller & a PROMO CODE!

  1. Hi! Found your post via a Facebook ad. Stroller Wagons actually are in the process of being banned at all Disney Parks, so you might want to remove that so people don’t buy an expensive stroller based on your recommendation that they can’t use. The verbiage says “no wagons” and a lot of people take that to say “but mine is pushed like a stroller” or “it’s a stroller-wagon, so it’s a stroller not a wagon.” But wagons of any kind, no matter how they are utilized are not allowed.

    • Thanks for that clarification! Yeah, that’s why I said not to quote me on it. 🙂 With the advent of all these new fancy strollers and wagons and stroller/wagons, the line of definition is becoming pretty blurred. I mean, look at those Veer wagons. When you strap on the infant seat attachment, it looks pretty darn like a stroller. I don’t know how Disney is planning to implement this “no wagons” policy strictly, tbh. What defines a wagon but not a stroller? If it’s not the ability to push it, then what? It you define something as a wagon or a stroller based on its’ “look” – again, go check out the Veer “wagons” with the infant seat attached. It has all the same qualities as a tandem double stroller. And why would Disney ban push wagons anyways? I get not wanting pull wagons because when you can’t see what you’re pulling you can run over other people in the crowd. But a push wagon functions exactly as a push stroller in terms of safety.

      Clearly I’m not a Disney representative and hopefully people planning a theme park trip are smart enough to realize that they need to do their own research, aka calling the park, as well. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this review. I’ve been extensively researching the Keenz but it looks so big and bulky and I don’t want to spend $400 on it! What is the difference between the Silver version of the Wagon Buddy vs the regular ($200 vs $250)?

    • Good question – this was something new to me, so I had to look it up. It looks like the difference is that Silver Series comes with a removable tray that attaches under the handle for extra storage. It looks pretty cool actually – I don’t have it on my wagon 🙁 but the extra storage would probably be nice.

      Oh wait – I just looked at it more. The Silver Series not only has the extra tray for storage, but the end of the wagon zips open so you can haul extra long things in the wagon that wouldn’t normally fit. Cool.

  3. Hi! I just found this post about your wagon. I too searched for a push wagon. I have a fear of someone walking by and snatching my child if I’m pulling a wagon alone. I found this one on Amazon too. It’s got wide rubber wheels. We go to alot of truck pulls (midwestern thing) nd we need to offroad alot. thank you so much for posting this.

    Goplus Collapsible Folding Wagon Cart, Utility Garden Cart Collapsible Outdoor Trolley with Sun/Rain Shade, Push Bar for Shopping, Beach, Lawn, Sports https://amzn.to/2UMmjdS

    • Thanks for commenting! I checked out the wagon you mentioned, you’re right, it is cheaper and a push/pull wagon as well! However, depending on what you’re looking for in a wagon, here’s my biggest thought:

      Whenever I make a larger purchase, I look around to check out the company too. If a part breaks on my item, I want to be able to contact a company for a replacement part. I also like being able to order accessories and add-on as new designs are created. I’ve been slowly working on the amount of trash that I produce and trying to instead opt for products that I can get longevity out of.

      For the wagon you linked to, I could not find the company, Goplus, online. The only sellers of this wagon seem to be large box companies, which might make it easier to find the wagon to buy – but if something goes wrong with the wagon, the only recourse is to contact the big box company, who will probably just have you trash it and replace it instead of repair it. As I’m working more and more and my environmental footprint, this is something that matters to me. But it might not matter to you.

      If you do get the wagon you linked to, I’d love it if you could come back and update this post and let us know what you think!

  4. Thanks for sharing! This post was very helpful. I have considered buying a wagon but now I know what I should look for in a wagon to make it worth the price.

  5. Now that you’ve looked into the silver series, would you have rather bought that one? I’m about to pull the trigger on one and as I was searching for a coupon code, I found your site. I appreciate your post and opinion. I’m not one to buy large purchases without careful consideration. So this was helpful. But now I want to know if I should upgrade to the extra storage? I have two kids under 5.

    • Oops, I’m sorry I’m late to reply to this. Custom Folding Wagons actually sent me the new parts to turn my wagon into the silver series! I haven’t taken a picture of it yet, but I have tried it out! I haven’t really had need for the extra length extension in the bottom of the wagon, but I have used the extra shelf as extra storage. I put it under the storage basket in the back part of the wagon with the push handle. There wasn’t a lot of height to the storage area under there but I was able to store some flatter objects down there, which was really nice to have that extra room. I need to experiment a bit more to find the best place to put it, but if you’re looking at upgrading to the silver series, it might be worth it for you. It depends on your needs of course though.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

    • Sorry it took me so long to get back to our comment! I did not get a chance to check out Wonderfold. They weren’t around when I was doing all my wagon research 🙂 Regardless, I’m super happy with the Custom Folding Wagons one, so I probably won’t try out any other wagons for the near future. (plus, as you mentioned, the wheels of Wonderfold Baby do look a little cheaper?) If you do end up getting a Wonderfold, let me know what you think.

  6. Thank you for you post and discount code
    I researched so many wagons and couldn’t decide but after you reviews I was able to pull the trigger on this wagon. I love the little extra weight this one holds. And is so sturdy
    I bought the Silver series in teal and We Love It. I bought straight from the company. Delivery was so fast and customer service was so helpful.
    This one little wagon makes me want to start blogging just to show others how great it is

  7. I was wondering if anyone else is not finding a spot to put in the coupon code when cashing out? Thank you

  8. Hi there,

    Your review was super helpful and I’m in between the Silver series and the Keenz wagon. I prefer the wheels on the Creative Outdoor Distributor as they seem smaller so easier to lift in and out of the truck. How do these wheels perform in sand? I saw your pictures on compact wet sand, but how’d it do on dry “fluffy” sand?

    • To be honest, I’ve never found any wagon to easily pull through dry sand…unless it was maybe a sled or had a sled-type attachment to put under the wheels? With the way gravity is focused on the 4 points of the wheels and the nature of dry sand to displace under focused weight – I think this is more a science thing than a poor wagon design thing. I’m sure they must make some wagons out there with those suuuuper wide wheels that are specifically meant for dry sand (like a dune buggy), but those would be impractical for most and not allow for the easily potability that most want in a family wagon.

      Everytime we’ve taken this wagon to the beach, we try to limit the amount of time we pull it in dry sand as much as possible. If we have to bring it across dry, loose sand, we often end up half-lifting up the end in order to more easily do so. Or we get the wagon down to the hard wet sand so that we can transport it a greater distance.

  9. I used my brother’s wagon on Halloween for trick or treating with my daughter and nephew. Both are toddlers and it was a lifesaver! It was this same wagon! I’d LOVE to win one!

  10. This would be so awesome to win to help me out with things I need to do because of my disability!! Thanks!!

  11. I have not used any of the wagons. I have been looking at them for awhile though. For me it would be used more as an around the yard and house hauler.

  12. I appreciate all the photos and the detailed review. I have been shopping similar wagons like this and wanting to learn more about them. I am especially interested in the ones that are all terrain.

  13. I have used the radio flyer wagon before. I am not a huge fan of it because it is hard to push and it doesn’t fold up small to put in my car.

  14. I don’t have a wagon! That’s why I am trying to win this for my little grand daughter! It looks amazing and can do so much with it. It would be a blessing for sure! Thanks for the chance!

  15. I’ve never used a wagon but some of my friends have and they love them. I’m thinking it might be something I will need when my 2nd grandbaby gets here in FEB.

  16. Oh my goodness! I love this! Way better than ours! This would be perfect for our special needs son. The 5 point harness is a must!!!

  17. When my son was little he had a radio flyer wagon, the plastic one w/ canopy. We hauled him around in that wagon everywhere we went. He grew out of it and into things with engines like boys often do. He still takes that red wagon everywhere he goes only instead of riding in it he now tows it behind his atv 🙂 I have a grandbaby on the way and I’ve been comparison shopping. I hope my grandbaby loves their wagon as much as my son does.

  18. I have not used any wagon such as these. What a wonderful idea and a great way to be out and about. We’d enjoy this!

  19. I remember having a wagon for my children as they were growing up. (40 yrs ago!). I think it was a Red Flyer. This Push Pull Folding Wagon Titanium Series would be ideal for any growing family or perfect for a grandmother pulling things around the yard.

  20. I have never had a wagon for my little girl but would love to have one. I have always had a stroller but after seeing this wagon it would be so helpful.

  21. I have not used a wagon, but I have wanted to get one and have been researching different models
    I like that this wagon is foldable.

  22. Thanks for the very helpful review of this wagon! I was looking at these on Amazon for my granddaughter but was not happy with the almost $40 shipping fee! I ordered through the Custom Folding Wagons site this afternoon. Your promotion code worked AND there was no shipping charge! Thanks again!

  23. This is a very resourceful piece. I am looking for a wagon to ferry my kids around especially to the park and shopping and I am glad the information herein will help me make a sound decision. I had mixed decisions on the type of wagon to choose but you’ve cleared the air for me. Thank you!

  24. Thanks for giving the detailed view of best stroller wagons. The wagons are really useful for the parents who spend their time on weekends with their kids either in the park or beach.

    Wagonic.com are the best-researched home and gardening products reviews on picking the top-rated Best Folding Wagon for Beach, Toddlers, Groceries, Sand, Indoor and Outdoor.

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