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The free 2018 Planner For Those Who Do Too Much.Do you do too much in your life? Like waaay too much?
Do you need a 2018 planner?

– You DON’T need anything fancy.

– You DON’T need flowers and prettyness.

– You DON’T need inspirational quotes taking up useless page space. 

– You DON’T need a whole system of sticky tabs and memo notes and color-coordinated highlighters that you have to keep up with.

All you DO need in a planner: Jam-Packed. No-Frills. Order. 

Maybe you’re juggling raising kids, a job, a side business (or two), keeping track of family activities, fostering personal interests, and fulfilling social obligations all while trying to maintain your mental sanity! Do you feel like you’re loosing track of everything and constantly scatterbrained?

Yeah. I get it. Me too. And since I assume that you can’t afford a personal assistant either, we’re both left trying to find a really amazing weekly planner. Except that finding a suitable planner – with all the stuff you actually NEED, not just stuff that looks cool – has been darn near impossible to find. 

Is that really too much to ask?
Apparently so; I could never find the kind of perfect planner I wanted & needed either! So… because I’m totally a DIY kind of gal like that – I decided to instead make my own! The way *I* wanted the perfect planner to be. I’m calling it:

The Planner For Those Who Do Too Much.

And I’m going to share it with you. You’re welcome. 🙂 

So how is the 2018 Planner For Those Who Do Too Much different from all the other printable planners out there? 
Because I cut out all the fluff you don’t need and give you exactly what you do need: a way to neatly fit as much as possible into a simple, organized, two-page weekly spread.

Meal Planner? Check.

To Do List? Check.

Project Organizer? Check.

Daily Scheduler? Check.

Daily Task Reminder? Check.

Water Consumption Reminder? Check.

All on one spread? NO EXTRA PAGE TURNING INVOLVED? Check Check!!



Ready to start planning away?

There are THREE different versions of the The Planner For Those Who Do Too Much. Click on each image below to learn more:

Free 2018 Planner For Those Who Do Too Much - Yearly PlannerYearly Planner

Free 2018 Planner For Those Who Do Too Much - Mini PlannerMini Planner

Free 2018 Planner For Those Who Do Too Much - Academic PlannerAcademic Planner

 Or if you’d prefer to try out a simple blank template of either version, click below to download a FREE 2-page spread blank template and sign up to be notified about any future planner updates or discounts.
Click Here for FREE Yearly Planner blank template
Click Here for FREE Academic Planner blank template


Want to know more?

free 2017 planner Click HERE to see how I use my planner in my everyday life, or

go HERE to learn more about the individual planner sections.


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