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But first, the elephant in the room:
A lot of people – and likely you reading this – dislike all those direct marketing people. I get it. I totally do. I too get tired of those nail design facebook invites, or being shouted at that something works! just because the company title claims so. Buuuut…can guess where I’m going with this?

Yes. I signed up with  a direct marketing company.

Now that you’re picking your disappointment up off the floor and considering whether or not we can remain friends now, I’ll just say this. It’s for kid’s books. For children. That help them learn. It’s ok if you don’t like direct marketing (I don’t really either, to be honest), but seriously, unless you’re the grinch, you can’t not like awesome kid books. You just can’t.

TheBookThatStartedItAllHere’s how it happened. Remember back in the day when I used to buy things at garage sales to turn around for profit? I stumbled upon a couple books that seemed really cool and very high quality that I almost kept and didn’t sell. But I did end up selling them, so I mentally jotted down the name of the books’ publisher: Usborne and I told myself that I’d keep my eye out for other Usborne books as books I’d eventually like to add to my home library.

Several months later, a college friend invited me to an Usborne books facebook party and I was so excited! I didn’t even know that Usborne books were sold through direct marketing. After this party, I hosted my own party (because, let’s face it, I was hoping to earn free books – and I did!). I briefly considered becoming a consultant, but thought nah. I don’t. do. direct. marketing. But several months later, another friend invited me to a totally different Usbore facebook party and well, I could no longer not give in. I wanted all the Usborne books, so I figured, hey, I already tell people all the time about my love for Usborne, so I might as well get a discount on the books and maybe earn some money for something I already do…

So here I am. Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Say whatever you what. Usborne books are cool. And if you know me in real life, I’m probably going to be giving your kids Usborne books for birthdays and/or Christmas. So you might as well just deal with it. 🙂

Speaking of birthdays…mine’s this week. I’m feeling old. Waaah. Oh well. We all get older. But……never too old for books! Especially awesome kids books. And so, just like for my 10th wedding anniversary, I’m going to celebrate my “I’m getting too old” birthday with a GIVEAWAY for my blog readers! Woohoo!! I’m on a roll with these giveaways apparently. And because it seems appropriate, you’ll never guess what I’m going to give away, so I’ll just go ahead and tell you: Some Usborne books!!!

Don’t know what Usborne books are? Well, oh well, have I got a lot to tell you! Fun, engaging, educational children’s books on almost any topic you can think of. I can’t even begin to cover what they cover in just one blog post. If you like searching online catalogs, feel free to click here to explore. If you’d rather learn more about the books from a live event, email me and let me know; I’ll invite you to the next facebook/periscope/friendster/whatever party I host.

Yada yada yada. I’m not gonna work hard to “sell” you on these books. You can check them out. If you like them, now you know where to get them from (me 🙂 ). If you don’t like them, cool. No problem and I won’t bug you to buy.

Now on to the Usborne books giveaway. The winner will get their pick of one of the following book sets (If any books are out of stock when the giveaway ends, I’ll offer the winner a similar book in it’s place).

Set 1: Math Books

Set1MathbooksI’m a math teacher by trade, so of course I like anything and everything that encourages children’s interest in math!

This is Not a Math Book – Ages 9+. Here’s a secret about math that most people don’t know: math is intertwined with art, beauty and music. Math is so much more than equations and fractions. Math is pretty awesome. I love this book. $14.99 value.

Illustrated Elementary Math Dictionary – Ages 8+. Explains everything children and parents need in order to understand basic level math. $12.99 value.
Total value of Set 1: $27.98


Set 2: Baby/Toddler Books

Set2ToddlerbooksMy toddler son is a cutie patootie and these are a couple books that he’s been digging.
Your choice of either Slide and See Animals or Slide and See Under the Sea. My toddler has both. These are his favorite books, maybe even more than the That’s Not My… books. These Slide and See books are very sturdy and have parts that slide and move and are perfect for little fingers just learning their dexterity. $14.99 value.

Your choice of either My Farm Animal World or My Wild Animal World. These are actually nine little books inside each case. Perfect for tiny hands, these books can also be stacked like blocks or turned into a matching game with their case.  I love these little books. $12.99 value.
Total value of Set 2: $27.98


Set 3: Christmas/Winter books

Set3HolidaybooksUsborne has a ton (seriously, a TON) of Christmas and holiday-themed books. Oh, and for my Jewish friends – they have a Hanukkah book! Yes, that’s “a” as in singular, but hopefully they’re working on expanding their selection.

Your choice of either Nativity Flap Book or Hanukkah book. Ages 3+/Ages 7+. $7.99/$6.99 value.

1001 Things to Spot at Christmas Sticker Book – Ages 4+. A “where’s waldo?” kind of book with lots of things to find (1001 things, to be precise), and also a couple hundred stickers for you to place on the items when you find them! A great activity book. $7.99 value.

Secrets of Winter – Ages 4-8. A shine-a-light book, where hidden images are revealed when you shine a flashlight through the pages. $12.99 value.
Total value of Set 3: $29.97/$28.97


So click on the links, check the books out, pick which set you’d most like to win and then enter the giveaway below! Good luck to you! The giveaway ends Fri. 11/13/15 at 11:59pm.


And for those of you poo pooing me jumping into the direct marketing thing, just hang tight, I promise I’ll be back to my usual musings on hope and hollywood and marriage and family after this short commercial break…no need to unfollow or unfriend or unsubscribe just yet… 🙂

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50 comments on “Usborne Books GIVEAWAY: Because It’s My Birthday (and You’re Never Too Old for Kids Books)”

  1. How fun, we love Usborne books!! I’d pick either the Christmas set or the Baby/Toddler set as a gift for my little nieces. =)

  2. I would choose the toddler set for my daughter. She’s 14 months old and we read together every day, it’s her favorite part of the day. She will sit for book after book until finally I have to stop because I’ll read myself to sleep! She would love new books, especially those of the educational variety, she seems to learn something new all the time.

  3. I like the book 50 Science Things to Make and Do, because getting hands on is the best way to learn. I think it would capture my boys attention.

  4. I would choose Set 2: Baby/Toddler Books. My husband and I are planning on having our first soon, so these would be perfect.

  5. I would pick the Math books for my son. This year he is struggling a little. He hates to study so maybe it will seem more like fun with these books.

  6. I would pick set #2. He’s 11 months, so not ready for math and the concept of holidays are still a little beyond him. But he loves books with flaps!

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